More resources for conducting a Safety Climate Survey in your building

Safety Climate Survey: In our Buildings

Whether you have an administration who is working to address problems and implement solutions, or not, TAAAC members can work together to create a Safety Climate Survey – questions to identify both problems and solutions directly in your building by staff (not limited to TAAAC members or Unit 1 employees). Instead of allowing elected officials with little direct interactions in our school buildings or classrooms to determine solutions that might not work for your population, we want to propose enforceable solutions that we as the experts in our buildings know will help.

Our Contract guarantees a safe work environment.

Check out what members have won across the county

Phoenix Academy

Members created a safety committee of the Building Rep, FAC chair, and other members. That group then conducted a safety climate survey of all staff, and endorsed the results by signing a class-action grievance. After a meeting with the Director of Alt-Ed, Pat Crain, members are seeing changes such as adding 5 new staff positions and filling current vacancies, reemphasizing PBIS and restorative practices during the day, hall monitoring, and clear backpacks.

Mills-Parole Elementary

Over half of the TAAAC members at the school immediately signed a safety petition asking for more staff as a means to resolve some safety issues. Next year, they will see their social worker and their psychologist become full time employees, and the addition of another full time counselor. Watch their Building Rep, Cathy Hall Guay, speak ahead of the BOE meeting here!

Brock Bridge Elementary

Almost 100% of TAAAC members completed a safety survey to identify solutions to violent student behavior and communication issues in the building. They will be working to address it with admin collaboratively.

Article 18, Section E Health and Safety Hazards

Conditions on school premises which are considered by the Faculty Advisory Council to endanger the health and safety of pupils or Unit I members shall be reported to the principal, who shall immediately request an inspection by persons qualified to determine the existence or the extent of the alleged hazard.  Upon receipt of recommendations from the qualified persons appropriate remedial action shall be taken at once.

…The closing of schools as a result of adverse environmental conditions will be considered on an individual school basis by the Superintendent of Schools or designee…The Board will ensure that each school principal, after consultation with the Faculty Advisory Council, develops a plan to enable teachers to notify the main office staff of emergency health or safety problems in their classrooms.

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