RL 3.18

Members Together can work to Improve work conditions

What is a safety climate survey?

Are you or your colleagues concerned about safety or other issues in your school or workplace? Union members together in each work location can begin to address and moderate those concerns with one tool we call a climate survey:

What is a climate survey and how does it work?

The survey is a simple process of gathering information through questions based on the circumstances of your school or work location then shared and completed with all Unit one colleagues where you work to identify the most urgent or challenging safety and potentially other workplace issues.
After the survey results are in, the identified issues are listed at the top of a letter or petition signed by most Unit 1 employees in your building. After the signatures are secured, the letter is shared with your administrators and likely later with the BOE.

What are the next steps?

  1. Contact your TAAAC UniServ Director to let them know about the issues you are facing in your building. They will be able to provide support throughout the process.
  2. Identify a group of staff (can include your Building Rep, FAC chair, Department Chairs, admin, other building leaders, etc.) who are willing to work together as the Safety Team to communicate with other staff members and share updates.
  3. Use this template or create your own (print and digital copies of the survey help more staff complete it to make their voices heard!) and share the survey with all staff members
  4. Host a 10-minute meeting or all-faculty meeting to discuss the results of the survey, and get all members to sign a petition supporting the solutions.
  5. Send the survey results and the petition (goal to have 75% or more of staff members signing on) to the principal.
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