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Get Out The Vote

Want to reach out to elected officials about the importance of public education? Can you talk to neighbors and colleagues about lobbying for our students and profession? Do you want to canvas Anne Arundel for our endorsed candidates? This is the place for you! ↓

Apple Ballot Testimonials

Hear from volunteers from the 2022 midterm election about their experience handing out apple ballots!

"Everyone's been nice and smiling. They are taking those apple ballots!!!"


"It went great! Handed out all the apple ballots and most people were receptive/supportive."


"Passing out the ballots went well. Most of the people I approached took the ballot. I was really amazed that one of the candidates whose name was on the Apple Ballot was there passing our her brochures with me!"


"It went well. About 75% of people took the ballot. I have no idea if they used it, but everyone was cordial event the ones that didn't want it."


"I really didn't want to leave because I felt it was effective. Several people thanked me for the tool after they voted."


Each election season, we have educators come out to provide the public with teacher-recommended candidates.  The Apple Ballot is popular among members and the general public. A link will be available HERE for the general election in 2024.

Phone Banking/ Canvassing Opportunities

Speaking to voters is a valuable way to inform the community about pro-public education, TAAAC-endorsed candidates. During the election cycle, we put together teams to go door to door to distribute information.

When opportunities are available, they will be added to this page and our events page!

Other GOTV Opportunities

If you are interested in participating in planning with the TAAAC Action Group to support all things organizing, email Nicole Disney Bates – [email protected].

Some content on this page is a duplication from NEA’s EdVotes.org/vote

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