Enforce Our Contract

Enforce Our Contract

By enforcing our contract, we highlight the work educators do above and beyond the duty day and professional requirements, sacrificing family time and prioritizing students. The lack of gratitude and appreciation from AACPS leadership is unacceptable! Click here to see our list of demands, and take a look at our toolkit below for resources!

Why we're taking action

I love my administration, I love my kids. It’s hard to want to work for someone who doesn’t know what’s happening in my classroom or doesn’t believe me when I tell them what’s happening in my classroom.

Allison Heintz, 4th Grade Teacher at Cape St. Claire Elementary

How we know it's working

Our teachers, staff, and students are exhausted. This plan provides a way to give them some time for themselves, at least to the degree that we can at this point.

Dr. George Arlotto, Superintendent

Support from Parents

Given all board members campaigned in support of teachers, the statement attempts to separate teachers from TAAAC. The reality is AACPS has created a culture, going against its own policies, where staff face retaliation if they speak up on any issue. TAAAC is the only way teachers can voice their concerns and needs. Attacking TAAAC is attacking teachers. And AACPS doubling down on Brightspace, when the vast majority of staff and families hate it (not that staff can publicly say that): well that is worthy of another letter.

AACPS has a long history manipulating and spreading misinformation about teachers. This attack on TAAAC is no different and leadership must be held accountable.

India Ochs, Annapolis Parent