Steuart Pittman County Executive


TAAAC-recommended candidates take the lead!

So far, 75% of educator-recommended candidates are projected to win! the number goes up every day!

Dozens of member volunteers took time on their day off to stand in the cold at polling locations to share educator-recommended candidates with voters. They stayed long after their shifts because they saw the direct impact they had – when we show up in support of our candidates, our students and our schools win.

While we are still waiting on the final call for many of the local races in Anne Arundel County, we know that we helped make history this November! Educators turned out and elected Wes Moore and Aruna Miller, Anthony Brown, and Brooke Lierman!

We also now have reports from the mail-in ballot count on November 10 that votes are trending for our candidates! As of November 10, 34,000 ballots are still left to be counted, with more still arriving to the Board of Elections mailed closer to Election Day. Mail-in ballots have been heavily favoring our candidates.

While Steuart Pittman is down 6,000 votes right now, the mail-in ballots are trending in his direction and we believe he will be successful and win!

On the County Council, we endorsed candidates in 5/7 races. We expect to win in 4.

  • Lisa Rodvien, a TAAAC member, is ahead by almost 1,500 votes and will likely win.
  • Allison Pickard is only down 80 votes but she will eventually take the lead. Her opponent has conceded.
  • Julie Hummer has declared victory.
  • Pete Smith will likely win.

In the General Assembly, Sarah Elfreth is now leading by 3,000 votes

and it looks like she will win with a bigger margin than in 2018. Dawn Gil is down in votes but there are still 12,000 to count in District 33 and it looks like she will be successful. Heather Bagnall, who won by the smallest margin in her last race, is trailing by only 900 votes and the margin will continue to close to push her over the finish line. Finally, Gary Simmons, a last-minute endorsement, will also likely win in District 12B!

Stay tuned for more results and watch the Board of Elections website here.

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