We insist that AACPS leadership demonstrate the welfare of students, families and educators are the top priority in their decision making. (8)


Weekly Update: RA, Run Off Election, and Excessing

Watch our video update for a recap of this email including details on our Rep Assembly tomorrow (including special political guests!), the runoff election, and updates on excessing. Please review our special bulletin from our UniServ Directors here and call the TAAAC Office if you have any questions at 410-224-3330! Keep reading for more updates!

Vote for TAAAC Presidential Run off Election

You received an email to your personal email account from Intelliscan on March 4. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder. If you still do not see it, please click the link below to vote for the next President of TAAAC! Call the TAAAC Office for support at 410-224-3330.

Click here to access the ballot, or use this URL: https://secure.intelliscanvotes.com/msea/2024/taaac/runoff/
K Korona

Kristina Korona


N Disney Bates Pres Stmt

Nicole Disney-Bates


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