2024 Election Results

Feb 22, 2024

We’re pleased to release the results of the recent TAAAC Elections. It is exciting to see that TAAAC members participated in the recent local election at higher rate of participation than in the past with over 1,200 members voting. Pursuant to a vote of the TAAAC Representative Assembly yesterday evening, the TAAAC Nominating Committee is now comprised of Cheryl Bost, MSEA President, Theresa Dudley, MSEA Vice President, and Colleen Morris, MSEA Treasurer. It will be this interim independent committee’s responsibility to complete TAAAC’s election for officers and directors this year.

Having an opportunity to review and verify those results as well as contact all candidates, the committee is now sharing the attached verified election results. Linked here.

Because officers must be elected by majority vote (defined as more than half the votes cast, excluding abstentions), a run-off between the top two (2) candidates for President is required as no candidate received a majority of the valid ballots cast. The two candidates in the run-off election will both be provided the election guidelines and be expected to follow those guidelines throughout the run-off election.

The run-off election will be posted for on-line voting beginning Monday, March 4 at 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM on Friday, March 15, 2024. The vendor will continue to be Intelliscan, which will send emails to personal email addresses. TAAAC will also post a link and send reminders with member numbers during the balloting period.

We encourage all members to take the opportunity to make your voices heard and vote in the upcoming run-off election.

Cheryl Bost
Theresa Dudley
Colleen Morris

2024 TAAAC Results (1)

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