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Dec 21, 2023


Following the FY25 budget announcement by Superintendent Dr. Bedell and the Board of Education, TAAAC President Nicole Disney-Bates released the following statement:

“We are disappointed that the superintendent’s budget falls short of the needs of our staff and students. Educators in Anne Arundel County continue to lag behind neighboring counties when it comes to wages for veteran teachers. Teachers and Related Service providers in Anne Arundel County continue to face unprecedented challenges and are leaving the profession at an alarming rate due to workload, safety concerns, student discipline issues, continued vacancies and morale. This budget does not adequately address this crisis for our staff, students, schools and community.”

“While we are discouraged by the superintendent’s budget, we look forward to negotiating an agreement that will not only attract the best to Anne Arundel but retain the very best so that Marylanders will want their children to attend AACPS schools and educators that can afford to live in the community in which they work.

“We call on the Superintendent to reexamine this budget and give our teachers what they deserve. We call on the County Council and County Executive when they receive this budget to increase public education funding and support our students.

“Teachers working conditions are our student learning conditions.”




Nicole Disney-Bates | TAAAC President |[email protected]

Scott Soares | TAAAC Executive Director | [email protected]

Amanda Menas | Communications Organizer | [email protected]

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