Below are the priorities our bargaining team is bringing to the table to support retention. Use these to support your budget testimony!

Competitive Economic Package

A multi-year commitment with fair wage increases for ALL employees, and additional pay for class coverage.

Fair Blueprint implementation for all

Career ladder and reimbursement for those who choose to pursue their NBC, and maintenance of a competitive scale for those who do not.

More time for educators

Increased planning time, longer duty-free lunch, and protections for Department Chair workload.

Strategic Funding across the system

Filling vacancies in Special Ed and high-need schools, and rewarding leadership positions at all levels.

Safety for students and Educators

Protection for our mental and physical well-being with fair consequences for student behaviors and increased educator control.

Contractual Transparency and Strength

Removal of restrictive negotiation procedures, such as forced confidentiality, and stronger provisions for enforcing our contractual rights.

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