What is union membership to you?

Sep 13, 2023

When I began teaching in Anne Arundel County, I knew that the union was there for me if I got in trouble with my administrators. I really had no idea what else my union did for me or what I could do for the teaching profession by being part of the union. Little did I know that my union is much greater than the place to protect me from discipline. My union, your union, our union has a variety of important jobs and all of them can be supported by you!

  • Negotiate our contract. We begin our contract cycle in September/October and your Negotiations Team is comprised of 7 individuals from a spectrum of jobs! These folks meet during the school day and after school to discuss, negotiate, and propose items for your contract. Beyond that, there is a negotiations committee that provides input on the contract negotiations to make your contract, the best contract possible!
  • Advocate for your contract. Getting the best contract depends on YOU! We as TAAAC attend budget hearings, legislative hearings and meetings, and school board meetings to advocate for the best contract possible!
  • Implement your contract. Your contract has lots of different provisions that impact your day-to-day work from duty-free lunch time to planning time to student discipline. Your contract provides you with your contractual rights within the school! Contract implementation depends on you! You can bring your concerns to your colleagues, your Faculty Advisory Council, and your administration. Not sure, if your contractual rights are being violated? Contact us, your Building Rep, or your Board of Director Liason.
  • Support. We are here for you. We have committees such as Special Education, Racial and Social Justice, Government Relations, Early Career Educators, Community Involvement, and more to support our union and to support each other. We also have UniServs, an Executive Director, and me, the President to support you! We are happy to listen, visit, and even bring donuts!

Your union is not just here to protect you. That is one part of your membership, but we are so much more! We hope you join us, and become active with us because we look forward to working and advocating with and for you! Today is the day to ask yourself, how will I get involved in my union?

What does my membership mean to me? What do I want to see at my school, my cluster, my county? You can help shape the future!

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