CompuClaim CheatSheet

The following was created Andrea Capella for TAAAC members.

CompuClaim Cheat Sheet

  1. Go to Manage Caseload. Click on only show students on my caseload. Verify all your students are listed. The ones in bold are Medicaid eligible.
  2. Next click on Wizards. This is where you complete the billing.
  3. Click Service log by Student Wizard IEP. Click each eligible student one at a time then click next.
  4. At the calendar pick the date the service was done. You can only go backwards on the dates. Once the date is selected click next.
  5. You will need to select service type, progress report, then comments. In the comments section you need to put who (Parent) and what was completed. Be specific. It does not need to be wordy.
  6. Once completed then click save service log. You are done for the billing part only.
  7. Repeat for each eligible student.

After you have completed all billing services, any supporting documents need to be uploaded in Tinet under file-based document. For example: contact log, service coordination letter, and emails. Third party billing will get a progress report and signed IEP documentation once completed.

If you choose for your monthly billing, service coordination letter, this will need to be done in Tinet like we used to do. All you have to fill out is the letter only. Once complete, a third party will access it to file Medicaid.

Wizards: This is where all work is completed. You can also edit any report.

Reports: This is where you can see what has been completed. Manage Caseload: This is where your students are listed and can be added.

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