From the President: Safety at MacArthur Middle

Jan 06, 2023

I am writing you today as your TAAAC President with a heavy heart. 11 years ago, I became a Teacher in Anne Arundel County. 11 years ago, I walked through the halls of my first school, where I was going to be an ACC teacher, MacArthur Middle. Today, I returned to my first school, my first school community to support the staff because a student brought a gun into the school. Based on the letter from Eugene Whiting, the Principal at MacArthur Middle, a teacher alerted administration that they believed the student had brought a weapon into the school. It was later determined that the student had brought a gun to school. This action by this student is never acceptable. School should be a safe place for all. When school no longer feels safe for staff, students, and the community, then school is no longer a place where students can learn, grow and achieve, and staff have difficulty supporting, teaching, and encouraging students to learn and grow.

It is our job, the job of our families, our students, and our administration to keep students and staff safe within the school. If you believe that a student is exhibiting unsafe behavior within school or has a weapon, contact your administration immediately. You will then write a major incident referral based on the Student Handbook guidelines, which will determine the consequence for the student. It is imperative that to ensure a safe learning environment for all, the student handbook is followed by all. Please refer to the Student Handbook to help you work in collaboration with administration to ensure that consequences are appropriate for student actions.

I am here to tell you that I know how hard you work; how you come in day and day out to be with your students; we see you and we appreciate you! Please feel free to reach out to TAAAC if we can help guide you, collaborate with you and/or problem-solve with you to ensure that a school is a safe place for all.

In Unity,

Nicole Disney-Bates

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