Weekly Update: Apple Ballots

Nov 09, 2022

Yesterday was a big day for educators across Maryland! Through our advocacy, we were able to help elect education-friendly candidates in many areas. We are proud to have supported Wes Moore for Governor, Aruna Miller for Lieutenant Governor, Anthony Brown for Attorney General, and Brooke Lierman for Comptroller! We made history this week!

We have to wait for the final results of some of our local races. But because dozens of members were out on election day with apple ballots and made sure educators were part of every conversation throughout the last few months, we moved the needle on our profession forward. Now, we have a lot of work ahead to hold our newly elected officials accountable and continue to show up for the people who have supported us over the last four years.

In the coming months, TAAAC Leadership will be calling on you, TAAAC, to step up and continue our work. You will find many opportunities to do this. More details to follow, but some activities will include:

  • Attending the January Board of Education Budget Hearing
  • Lobbying state legislators to support public education
  • Showing up to Dr. Bedell’s listening sessions
  • Keep wearing your “I <3 My Public School” shirt

If any of these activities interest you, talk to your building representative, a TAAAC board member, or reach out. Check out other opportunities to get involved with our union below!

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