TAAAC Action Report: We Can Keep Each Other Safe

Know a Unit 1 employee who wants to become a TAAAC Member?

Things that we hear our educators and Related Service Providers are worried about right now: Our students’ learning loss and their progress moving forward; planning for engaging and academically rigorous lessons; and, making classrooms into inviting and calm spaces.

Things that our educators and Related Service providers are worried about but should not have to worry about: the safety of themselves in school, the safety of themselves outside of the school, the safety of their students, student discipline within the school, and the impact of vacancies within the school system which impacts time, creativity, planning, and safety.

Everyone deserves to feel safe within our schools. Due to the vacancies and our students missing a year of within the school buildings, we are seeing challenges with student behavior. I would like to remind you that if you are feeling unsafe within your school, please be sure to reach out to us! Your union, TAAAC is here for you. Together, we can identify ways to support ourselves and our students in and outside of our school buildings. You can also reach out to your Board of Education members and tell them about your school to ask for support, funding, or other solutions. We also know how hard you are working, and that this year has come with many challenges as part of a world moving past the COVID-19 pandemic but you are doing an amazing job! Keep it up and TAAAC is here for you, so feel free to reach out.

Remember: you deserve to feel safe in your school.

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