At the Table: From your Bargaining Team

May 23, 2022

Watch the latest video update from your bargaining team here: 

Over the last week, TAAAC members have made it clear to the Board of Education that we deserve respect, fair pay, and adequate time to prepare for our students. Members have sent over 1000 letters, and shared pictures in solidarity with our bargaining team. We submitted a letter to the editor, and showed up at the BOE meeting as well.

Now, we’re keeping up the pressure. Our Acting Chief Negotiator filed the paperwork for impasse – if AACPS refuses to return fair counter proposals, we are using the leverage we have. Watch our video for more updates from today’s negotiations session.

We are asking members to take two actions in this next phase:

  • June 1: Wear your TAAAC swag! Take photos and send them to [email protected] or post them on our Facebook. If you need a TAAAC shirt, call the TAAAC office or ask your Building Rep.
  • June 8: Attend our all-member meeting, in conjunction with the monthly Rep Assembly, to hear from our negotiations team about updates and next steps. The meeting is in person at Severna Park Middle at 5:00 p.m.

Are you ready to stand together to advocate for our contract?

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