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A letter from MSEA President Cheryl Bost

Standing with TAAAC’s Bargaining Team

May 18, 2022

To:        Members of the Board of Education

From:   Cheryl Bost, President

I write to you to express my support for TAAAC’s bargaining priorities. As we all know, implementation of the Blueprint has an extended timeline with higher standards and expectations for students and for teachers. In order to achieve and successfully implement the Blueprint provisions relative to employees, it will require collaboration between the union that represents teachers and the Board and its employees. The time to begin that collaboration is now, especially with a new Superintendent who will come on board on July 1, 2022.

Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury and I have embarked on a new partnership on the State level relative to Blueprint implementation that should be replicated in every county. This includes regular meetings, regular inclusion in conversations relative to the Blueprint, and access to staff charged with Blueprint development and implementation. Dr. Choudhury recognizes that if we are to bring about real, meaningful change to education that teachers  – those responsible for implementing the change – must be included in the development of those same policies that they will ultimately be charged with implementing.

With effective partnerships, counties have improved not only salaries, but also, and just as important, working conditions. I have included a chart of career earnings for teachers in Maryland. Significantly, Anne Arundel County is number 10 in the State, but is surrounded by counties with higher earning potential and better working conditions. The improved working conditions in the surrounding counties include more individual planning time, prohibitions on non-professional duties, and compensation when required to provide class coverage in the absence of a substitute. Improvements in these areas are all consistent with the vision of the Blueprint. Accordingly, the TAAAC bargaining team is committed to securing improvements in the contractual language on all of these items to improve working conditions and to begin alignment with the vision of the Blueprint.

Anne Arundel County would be well served by these improvements enabling it to better attract and recruit a qualified workforce to serve the students of Anne Arundel County. I encourage you to develop a more collaborative relationship with teachers – experts, in their own right, with knowledge of the students they teach and effective strategies to engage them.

Career Earnings for Teachers in Maryland Public Schools

2020-2021 Career Earnings* 2009-10 Career Earnings
Bachelor’s Steps 1-10 Master’s Steps 11-20 Master’s +30 Steps 21-30 Total Career Earnings Rank
Montgomery          595,651          945,644       1,111,774       2,653,069            1 2,562,608       2,386,016
Howard*          631,617          919,490       1,074,227       2,625,334            2 2,388,760       2,097,112
Calvert*          584,060          817,896          995,055       2,397,011            3 2,373,280       2,214,589
Prince George’s          557,538          823,945       1,014,220       2,395,703            4 2,371,982       2,128,750
Washington          607,985          822,251          892,330       2,322,566            5 2,293,822       1,919,908
Baltimore          562,461          782,624          974,295       2,319,380            6 2,195,498       1,893,468
Cecil*          581,586          812,390          916,574       2,310,550            7 2,229,810 1,853,932
Harford          578,765          789,864          941,730       2,310,359            8 2,209,631       1,866,809
Charles          559,509          807,563          919,650       2,286,722            9 2,264,192       1,994,825
Anne Arundel          566,639          765,151          954,243       2,286,033          10 2,263,401       2,102,765

* The starred counties include FY23 settlements

Individual Planning Time:

  • Howard County – Elementary has 300 minutes with 220 minutes scheduled in blocks of no less than 55 consecutive minutes. Secondary has 50 consecutive minutes per day with an additional 30 minutes each week.
  • Calvert County – Elementary receives 45 consecutive minutes per day; and secondary receives the equivalent of a daily period per day.
  • Prince George’s – Elementary receives 225 minutes per week and in addition to the 225 minutes, each teacher receives 30 consecutive minutes of uninterrupted time on a daily basis. Secondary receives a daily 45-minute block of time.





Send us a photo of you and your colleagues with the “I stand with my bargaining team” sign to show your solidarity at the table next week! Email [email protected].

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