January update: Welcome new Members!

Jan 11, 2022

We are celebrating a new contract by welcoming all the new members who joined our union this month!

If you know a Unit 1 employee who is interested in joining our union, help them JOIN NOW!

  • Linda Battle
  • Maureen Carter
  • Roshaun C. Corbin
  • Allison  M. Criswell
  • Sandy S. Decruize
  • Samantha Haliti
  • Tranita E. Henderson
  • Kevin C. Johnson, Ii
  • Rachael L. Knox
  • Patricia E. Leigh
  • Alissa Miller
  • Samia Niazi
  • Nicholas S. Petraglia
  • Hollie Rihcards
  • Maggie L. Stepp
  • Melissa J. Stratton
  • Sarah Turpin
  • Anne B. Walker
  • Amanda N. Winkler
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