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WEEKLY UPDATE: Stay Tuned for Actions

Nov 02, 2021

In case you missed it, last week AACPS demonstrated their out-of-touch leadership with their factually incorrect press statement, inappropriately issued via the emergency notification system. They resorted to claiming all our demands and issues are mischaracterizations. We know this is not the case, and the press release was met promptly with widespread rebuke from employees and the public.

Tomorrow, our Board of Directors will vote to approve job actions we will take to enforce our contract to coincide with American Education Week. Details will be shared on Thursday. Until then, here are actions members and the community can take:

  • Wear Red this Wednesday! Tag us @TAAACOnline with “#WeAreTAAAC and we make #AACPSAwesome”. (Only post outside of work hours!)
  • Work with your Building Rep to set up a meeting with your school’s PTA and administration to gain their support and prepare them for upcoming actions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the workload tracker.
  • Ask parents and community members to call and email the Board of Education to insist they support educators!
  • Write your own letter to the BOE and Dr. Arlotto.

The more of us stand together, the stronger we are. Take a look at additional member resources and upcoming events below!

Member Resources

Class Action Grievance | Take a look at the numerous and ongoing violations by AACPS to our negotiated agreement. Already 18% of members have signed on to show how widespread these issues are in our county. Sign here.

At the Table | Both AACPS and TAAAC have agreed we are at Impasse at the bargaining table. Read the latest updates here.

Dates and Deadlines

Attend the RA | All members are welcome to attend the November 10 Rep Assembly, which will include trainings and updates. The meeting is in person at Severna Park Middle School.

MSEA Leadership Cohorts | The deadline was extended to apply for the Women’s and Minority Leadership Cohorts. Apply by November 5!

Nominations for TAAAC | Submit your name for a leadership position with TAAAC, MSEA, or NEA by December 14!

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