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WEEKLY UPDATE: Sign the Class Action Grievance

Oct 26, 2021

Click here to watch the weekly video update from TAAAC President Russell Leone.

At both the rally and the meeting with our Special Educators and Related Service Providers, we stood together. We made out voices heard.

Now, we’re making real change for our entire unit with 10% of members signing on to the class action grievance. Stay tuned for other actions members can take to enforce our contract in our buildings.

For now, check out the other member resources for the latest updates:

Member Resources

Class Action Grievance | Take a look at the numerous and ongoing violations by AACPS to our negotiated agreement. Already 10% of members have signed on to show how widespread these issues are in our county. Sign here.

MSEA Best Practice Wednesdays | With new professional development opportunities from our state affiliate union, join tomorrow to learn how to build an educator evaluation portfolio that will empower you to become a confident partner in the evaluation process. Register here.

Press Reader | Our rally gained new press coverage of our demands. Read the headlines here.

Faculty Advisory Committee | Every worksite is contractually allowed a FAC, and a bulletin board to post TAAAC materials. Learn more here.

Dates and Deadlines

Community Involvement Committee | Discuss how we can support our students and school community in and outside of our classrooms

Nominations for TAAAC | Submit your name for a leadership position with TAAAC, MSEA or NEA!


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