AT THE TABLE: August Bargaining Update

Aug 24, 2021

Read the latest update from your TAAAC Bargaining team below. For previous At the Table updates, click here.

Our amazing 12-month employees have kept us in the loop all summer while our wonderful classroom educators have been hopefully enjoying their break. As we prepare for all of our Union to return to the work place soon, we wanted to give a brief update on where bargaining stands:

  • During the summer months, we have continued to exchange proposals with AACPS suggesting creative ways to compensate us for the additional evening activity AACPS wants. At the moment, AACPS is essentially holding our principle agreement on wages hostage to a mandate for a free/non-compensated work day. TAAAC currently has a proposal pending, and we are awaiting a final response or counter proposal from AACPS.
  • We continue to be on a trajectory toward impasse where the PSLRB mediator will try and assist the parties in reaching a final agreement. Impasse is a technical legal process that we will update the membership on as we hear back from the PSLRB, while we continue to also use all our resources to reach an agreement without having to officially navigate impasse. The TAAAC President and Board of Directors (those not on the bargaining team) have been directly in touch with the elected members of the BOE, explaining our concerns with AACPS’ bargaining position. Again, our goal is that these conversations have an impact and help us avoid impasse procedures.
  • After their 9/1 meeting, the BOE may have guidance that will direct and push the AACPS bargaining team to relent on their insistence this extra evening activity be done without compensation. If not, after the PSLRB responds and confirms impasse between the parties — we will again make our public case about the unfairness of the BOE seeking additional work from us without compensation.

Our contract that was scheduled to expire on July 1, has by mutual agreement been extended until we reach a new 2022 successor agreement.

We are near reaching our main wage goals in a potentially new FY 22 agreement. The work of our leaders and entire membership has brought us to the precipice of ending the wage scale imbalance. While we remain patient, we need everyone’s voice to stay united, and prepared to act if necessary.


Kenneth N. Page

TAAAC Executive Director

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