Mediation Scheduled

Jul 08, 2016

The schedule has been confirmed for negotiating teams of TAAAC and the Board to participate in mediation sessions on August 15, 24, and 26. If mediation is successful, there may be time to have an agreement presented to Unit I employees by electronic ballot; then to hold a ratification election at the Association Representative Council September 7, 2016. If a mediated agreement does not result, there will be some additional delay and I have no way to estimate how long that delay may be nor what the result would be.

The parties will be entering into a non-disclosure agreement as they did last year, and as required by the mediator. Updates cannot occur between sessions or immediately after sessions.


Readers may recall that the members of TAAAC’s negotiating team initiated grievance after the Board’s team presented a proposal in tended to away the negotiated process for reviewing or challenging disciplinary actions such as warnings and reprimands. That grievance was scheduled for binding arbitration on July 28th. Yesterday (7/7/16), the Board agreed to withdraw that late proposal. There will be no need for the July 28th hearing, and proposal will not be considered during mediation. It is with near certainty that the proposal will re-surface in negotiations for FY2019.

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