Negotiations Update

Mar 08, 2016

The negotiating teams for both parties met yesterday (3/7/16) for the first time since February 11, 2016. Both parties have tentatively agreed on a step increase, but TAAAC’s team has not yet secured agreement from the Board on other economic issues including the second mid-year step and a cost-of-living increase. There is much concern over what resources might remain after Mr. Schuh finishes his work on the Board’s budget request.

There are some issues related to benefits that the Board is bringing forward. They involve the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Prescription drugs, and Administration of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Since 2012 we have been jointly negotiating these types of benefit shared commonly by all four bargaining units with two representatives from each TAAAC, AEL, SAAAAC, and AFSCME Local 1693 in the same sessions. Those negotiations will begin next month.


As most are aware by now, Unit 1 employees currently working in the schools identified below have an opportunity to leave by voluntarily “excessing.”

Brooklyn Park MS • Lindale MS • Marley MS  • Belle Grove ES
Freetown ES • Hilltop ES • Park ES • Woodside ES
North County HS • MacArthur MS • Meade Heights ES • Van Bokkelen ES
Waugh Chapel ES • Meade HS • Old Mill HS • Meade MS
Annapolis HS • Annapolis MS • Bates MS • Eastport ES
Georgetown East ES • Germantown ES • Mills-Parole ES • Tyler Heights ES

Unit 1 employees in these schools should be reminded that the close of business (5:30PM) tomorrow (3/9/16) is the deadline to get the requisite declarations (DOI’s) to the TAAAC office. They may be mailed, hand-delivered, faxed to 410-841-5117, or emailed to [email protected].

DOI’s may be printed from: http://www.taaaconline.org/pdf/Challenged%20School%20Declaration%20of%20Intent%20(DOI).pdf. If copying and pasting the direct link does not work, the DOI can be found at www.taaaconline.org under the “CONTRACT” tab behind the red text.

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