Retroactive Pay Update

Jan 22, 2016

Earlier this week, the Executive Director of Human Resources responded to a written request by TAAAC for a detailed explanation for the delay in the distribution of the retro-active salary that was part of the mediated FY2016 settlement. In nearly verbatim terms, the explanation follows:

The retro salary pay is a complicated process which involves not only retro pay adjustments, but also retro deductions, as we must submit the appropriate amount for the increase to the state retirement agency. There are numerous challenges in making this work correctly, particularly with any employee who has had any pay-related changes to their record this year. This includes many new hires who had adjustments based upon the receipt of verifications of prior employment that were sent in after the first pay date. It is also a significant challenge for any employee who has had any time in their record coded as FMLA. In the cases where the employee record has had any adjustment, it is a manual process to review.

Unfortunately, this is also the time when the same people (payroll staff and those who support the HR system) are working to ensure that the first W2’s coming out of the new payroll system are accurate. We must have accurate W-2’s out to all employees in accordance with the legal mandate. Closely trailing this mandate are those associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the required forms we have to provide employees.

Everyone realizes the desire employees have to secure these monies. We cannot, however, at this time determine when we will complete all of the processes needed to accurately provide all employees with the retro pay. Staff reviewed that adjustment may be, before taxes and before retirement system contributions. For employees in Unit I, the range is from $146.81 to $1265.80. The amount of money for many may not be as great as envisioned.

Staff will communicate the anticipated retro pay date once it has been identified.

TAAAC forwarded the response to legal counsel for guidance. More will follow as appropriate.


The school closure scenarios are posted HERE.

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