Negotiations Update

Aug 25, 2015

Finally, some progress…

TAAAC and the Board are now scheduled for mediation sessions to be held on September 21st and September 22nd, with a portion of September 24th on hold in the event that more time is needed. The scheduled sessions signal the beginning of the end of the impasse. In the meantime, be reminded of what our employer’s proposals at impasse mean to local public school educators. Among others, these proposals stand out:

  • Another year with no step increases.
  • Elimination of long standing language that for decades has required the Board to at least request funding for employee step increases. If they prevail the Board would have unilateral discretion whether to even ask for money for employee steps.
  • Rejection of TAAAC proposals intended to provide more teacher directed work to meet growing work load demands.

There have been good reasons for TAAAC negotiators’ reluctance to settle. A voluntary settlement under these circumstances would be in the disinterest of local educators. With the impasse resolution process about to be underway, it is a fair assumption that terms and conditions of employment for fiscal year 2016 will soon be determined. Whether that determination results from a mediated agreement or an imposed disposition is yet to be determined.

Considering what the employer proposes to take away, local educators may want to make thoughtful decisions about volunteering away personal and family time above what’s required.

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