Negotiations / Budget Hearing

Jan 08, 2015

The first public hearing on the Board’s FY2016 Budget was cancelled today due to driving conditions. So, it’s become even more important for TAAAC members to attend the hearing on Thursday, January 8, 7:00PM at the Parham Building, on 2644 Riva Road. Due to today’s cancellation Thursday’s hearing will be the sole opportunity for direct input prior to the Board’s action on the Superintendent’s proposed budget and its submission to the County Executive.

Please be reminded that the $11.7 million placeholder for compensation increases in the proposed budget does not fund a step increase. Testimony will be given by TAAAC President, Richard Benfer, and nearly all of TAAAC leadership will be in attendance. Also, there are TAAAC members who are prepared to give some testimony on the impact underfunding has had on them, their families, and their students.

Negotiators from TAAAC and the Board will be at the table all day on the hearing date. There is an effort underway at the table to not only retain the step increase that already exists in the collective bargaining agreement, but to reduce some of the internal inequities leftover from the transition to the current scale structure. Success will require a higher level of funding than the proposed budget requests. What eventual action the Board takes on the proposed budget is critical.

Come to give direct testimony of your own, or come to support those who are testifying on your behalf. In either situation, please attend. Also, please wear any TAAAC regalia you may have. If you have none, wear something blue.


If you act fast it is not too late to register for our 2015 Legislative Breakfast. This is your opportunity to meet and speak with your elected and appointed leaders in a relaxing environment. TAAAC will feature Maryland House of Delegates Speaker Mike Busch. A dozen or so other legislators will be in attendance. Stay for a training after the breakfast if you’d like and learn tips for lobbying your legislators. We will have limited seating so be sure to register today!


Union Jack’s British Pub
2072 Somerville Rd.
Annapolis, MD 21401
• Breakfast buffet and beverages are provided.
• There is no cost to participants.
• Register Here: https://taaac.wufoo.com/forms/taaac-legislative-breakfast-2015/


MSEA’s Urban Bargaining Council (of which TAAAC is a member) is conducting a survey to acquire similar data from each of the affiliates. Please take a moment to answer the questions at the below link. Our effort to address the growing crisis in workload is extending statewide. This information will help.


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