Negotiation Survey Modified

Nov 07, 2014

The survey distributed earlier this date has been appropriately modified. TAAAC members are asked to click onto the below link and complete the survey by Thursday, November 13th. Those few who went ahead and completed the first survey will need to respond again to have their information included in the results. Sadly, we had to lose the early responses to make the required edits. The data gained will inform TAAAC leadership in preparation for a Board of Education retreat on Saturday, November 15th, and the TAAAC Negotiating Team when bargain resumes on Thursday, November 20th.


Please take the very few minutes required to participate. Unless any open-ended suggestions are offered at the survey’s conclusion, the entire survey can be completed with mouse clicks.

Be reminded that according to Maryland law the topics of maximum class size and school calendar are outside of the lawful scope of negotiations.

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