First Association Rep Council of New Fiscal Year

Sep 02, 2014

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 3, 2014, kicks off the new school/fiscal year for TAAAC’s governing body, the Association Representative Council. The gavel will fall at 5:00PM as it has for about two decades, and the location will be the Severna Park Middle School Cafeteria.

This week’s agenda will include items regarding the below topics as well as some others:

  • Negotiations/Budget outlook for Fiscal Year 2016
  • School Visits
  • Staff Addition
  • Political Action / General Election
  • Celebrate Educators

I ask that Association Representatives accept this as a reminder to attend the year’s first ARC, and that members in schools and worksites currently without an AR to make a selection in order to participate in tomorrow’s ARC.


For all Unit 1 employees, with exceptions for 12-month employees and 210-day employees, tomorrow will be the first payday of the 2014-15 school year. Ten-month educators should see some benefit from the collective bargaining agreement that took effect on July 1. As a reminder, most Unit 1 employees were receiving salary distributions payment during the summer from escrowed FY2014 earnings. Tomorrow’s distribution will be the first one that provides compensation at the Fiscal Year 2015 rate.


The results of the upcoming general election – depending upon what they are – have the potential to change the current trend in how Anne Arundel County funds public education. Members interested in spending a couple hours once or twice before the election should contact their school’s AR, the TAAAC Office at 410-224-3330, or call or email Mike Devers at 443-454-1169 or [email protected].

TAAAC is helping its recommended candidates in their canvassing, lit dropping, phone banking, sign posting, and poll-working. Every decision made effecting public education is made by an elected politician or an appointee of an elected politician. Six thousand organized local educators can have a great deal of influence in the selection of those decision-makers.

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