Final Work Day of the Year Update

May 09, 2014

There was an error in the dates referenced in the update regarding the final workday for teachers. Below you will find a reprint with the typo-generated date of June 15 replaced by the correct date of June 25.


TAAAC’s been deluged with questions and complaints about the final work year. Readers should know that the AACPs had the absolute authority, standing and right to require 191-day teachers to work in the schools until June 25th when their contractual number of work days would have been completed. The MSDE waiver for children had no impact on our collective bargaining agreement. In light of that reality the “negotiations” that occurred were not held on a level table. TAAAC representatives did what was needed to shorten that work year and had little control over what the employer could do with the remaining days. Below is the result of those discussions as they were agreed on April 28th:


1)    June 18th is the final student day of the 2013-14 year.

2.)    June 19th is a self-directed work day for teachers to close out the work year.

3.)    The first half of June 20th is for professional development.

4.)    The second half of June 20th is for closing out or similar activities.

5.)    June 20th is the final in-school workday for the regular teacher work day.

6.)    June 23rd is for on-line professional development that may be completed on that date or at any time during the summer months.


In order to prevent the Unit I work force from continuing through Wednesday, June 25th, TAAAC needed to withdraw the workload grievance (Benfer, et al.) submitted in February 2014 and heard informally on April 8th.

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