Mar 14, 2014

The negotiating teams of TAAAC and the Board met yesterday for the first time since February 11. It is the belief most negotiators at the table that an eventual settlement (as opposed to impasse) will be the eventual result. As reminder to members, this year’s bargaining was solely around the issue of salary (with a mutual agreement to attempt a restructuring of the scales), and what began as two “wildcards” per party.  During negotiations there were a few other topics that were reopened by mutual consent and settled early. Those topics were mileage reimbursement, availability of Board Policy Book and HELP Manuals, and Printing of the Agreement. Work time and email related issues brought as wildcards are still outstanding.

There has been much progress in the restructuring of the salary scale, with one particular model getting serious consideration.  If there is a settlement, and if the settlement includes this model, Unit 1 employees will be transitioned to a set of scales in which the columns remain in a similar format as the current scales, but the number of rows would increase to 25 with no longevity (or ‘dead’) steps.

More detail should be available by the April 2 Association Representative Council.


Any settlement that the negotiations teams may reach will be subject to funding by the County Executive, Laura Neuman. The same is true for our sister organizations; AEL, SAAAAC, and AFSCMCE Local 1693, whether or not they are currently in negotiations or enjoying the respite of a multi-year agreement.  As County Executive, Ms. Neuman wields more power over the county budget than any other individual. She has unilateral discretion to make cuts not only in all county departments, but also in any of the categories in the education budget. On the other hand, she also has the tools and the resources necessary to fully fund the Board’s budget as requested. But to date, she has given us reason to anticipate another year of maintenance of effort only, which would leave us again to struggle and make do with merely the minimum allocation allowable under state law.

TAAAC is asking its members to contact Ms. Neuman to share how the lack of necessary funding has impacted teachers, education support employees, students, and schools. To do so quickly and easily, click onto the below link, enter the information requested on the front page, hit the “Submit” button; then keyboard your message and hit “Submit” again. Or, you can simply forward the pre-prepared message.


Join your TAAAC leadership and staff at a rally for members on Wednesday, March 26, from 5pm to 7pm at Hellas Restaurant and Lounge, 8498 Veterans Hwy, Millersville. TAAAC will be providing the food and beverages.

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