TAAAC Update

Mar 22, 2012

On Wednesday, March 21, at its regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Education voted to support the petition drive to put the proposed charter amendment on the November ballot. The action was short of taking a position of either support or opposition on the proposed amendment itself (to modify the existing cap on county revenue generated by property taxes) but the action did recognize the value in letting voters have a look at the consequences of the 1992 referendum that implemented the cap and decide whether a reasonable modification is appropriate.

The discussion during the public session became quite contentious. But when the question was finally called, the motion passed with a 5-3 vote with one Board member absent. In that any less than 5 “yea” votes would have caused the motion to fail, we owe some gratitude to every Board member who voted correctly. Yea’s came from Eugene Peterson (who also made the motion), Vice-President Andrew Pruski (who seconded), Solon Webb, Jillian Buck (student member), and President Patricia Nalley. Nay’s came from Theresa Birge, Deborah Ritchie, and the newcomer, Amalie Brandenburg.

Please be reminded that petitions are available for download and circulation at (Download This Petition). We ask that TAAAC members print these petitions and secure signatures from friends and family; then get them to the TAAAC office (in original form, not fax or electronic). Voters should have an opportunity to be educated regarding the consequences of the 18 year-old revenue cap. The situation for public education and public educators cannot improve until the County improves its revenue effort. If our elected officials won’t do it, we have to.


The MSEA elections did not successfully select a new Vice President. A run-off is required between frontrunners Cheryl Bost and Wanda Twigg. A number of locals have contacted the N&C Committee indicating their school systems will be closed from April 2 through April 9 for primary elections and spring breaks, leaving no one in the buildings to receive the ballots.   Accordingly, the time period for the run-off election has been modified as follows:

April 10th, Ballots will be sent to the schools and online balloting will open.

May 11th, Ballots due to be RECEIVED at the Private Mail Box in Annapolis by 5:00PM and online balloting ends.

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