Salary Scales

Salary Scales


Tentative FY2015 Salary Scales for Teachers and Specialists are posted below. To make sense of them, members first must know their current salary. Transitions from old to new scales are made by salary dollar amount, not by experience step. Those who do not know their current salary may look it up on the FY2014 scales also posted on this site or consider a bi-weekly gross salary from a recent pay stub and multiply it by 26 or 22, as appropriate. A single full step increase will follow the initial transition.


1. Mr. Fastenbender, a 191-day teacher currently on Salary Step 11 on the MEQ/APC column earns $62,868 annually. Mr. F will be moved from the old scale to the new at the salary closest to but no lesser than his current salary. In his situation, Mr. F will transition from old step 11 ($62,868) to new step 11 ($63,480) and then will receive a step increase to new step 12 ($64,749).

2. Ms. Lotsahuggs, a 200-day social worker currently on Step 12 of the pertinent specialist scale earns $74,677 annually. Ms. L will transition from old step 12 ($74,677) to new step 15 ($75, 417), then receive a step increase to new step 16 ($77,680).

3. Ms. Phyllis Hilda Douglass, a 12-month teacher specialist currently on step 20 of the doctorate scale earns $104,558. Ms. PHD will transition from old step 20 ($104,558) to new step 21($105,455), followed by a step increase to new step 22 ($107,564).

Please be reminded that these scales are tentative, subject to funding by the County.

Members should plan to attend the Public Hearing on May 12, at 7:00PM, in the Arundel Center on Calvert Street in Annapolis, wearing TAAAC Blue.