Are you retiring? Consider TAAAC-R

The following was sent by Ken Baughman, President of TAAAC-R

Dear Retiree,

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Now it is time to relax and unwind from many years of service to your students and community. But, you must consider a few things before you leave:

Who is now going to protect your interest as you move forward?

Now that I am retired, how can I still take advantage of the benefits from TAAAC, MSEA, and NEA?

Well, I have an answer for you: Join TAAAC-R. Unlike other associations for retirees, TAAAC-R will keep your best interest in the forefront in all matters. With the backing of MSEA, NEA, and TAAAC, TAAAC-R will make sure that all our interests are taken care of and protected, such as healthcare and pensions.

You will also be able tot ake full advantage of the many benefits that MSEA and NEA provide:

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Rental car and hotel discounts
  • Complimentary live insurance

There are a host of other benefits that you may take advantage of.

Linked here, you will find the printable form to join TAAAC-R, or click here to join now. There are two ways that you may join:

  1. A one-time lifetime membership
  2. A yearly membership

Each will get you what you need to protect your interests and receive benefits.

Congratulations on your retirement

Ken Baughman

President TAAAC-R

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