Welcome New Members: February 2024

Meet the new hires who joined our union during the last month! We are excited to work with you toward strong wages and working conditions.
  • Laura L. Bergman
  • Nicholas R. Custodio
  • Jody L. Dawson
  • Amanda Desmarais
  • Nancy J. Feiman
  • Nikole B. Fortner
  • Tracy A. Gentry
  • Nya M. Jacobs
  • Cara P. Jocque
  • Katie Larimer
  • Kayrifa N. Little
  • Dalen Parker
  • Mary E. Parshall
  • Ryan E. Pater
  • Susan Reagoso
  • Cory Ross
  • Sandra C. Sarrach
  • Geshna Sharma
  • Callie A. Silvestri
  • Kyra C. Smith
  • Gina M. Urban
  • Dominique Wilson
  • Brenna Wojno
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