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Weekly Update: Snow Days and Virtual Days

Jan 18, 2024

Well, the last two days have been more exciting than we planned for… between a Brightspace outage, snow, and the end of the marking period, you all deserve a raise!

Watch my video above for important updates from our conversations with AACPS about additional time we are working to ensure you receive to get your work and planning done.

We also know a few things have been postponed because of the weather. Here’s a recap of the new dates:

  • January 24: Rep Assembly at Arundel Middle (come to hear candidate speeches!)
  • January 25: Board of Education Budget Hearing at Old Mill High
  • February 7: District 7 Budget Hearing at Southern High

Keep reading for other updates, and what your Negotiations Team needs your help with to win that raise you deserve, starting with attending tonight’s budget hearing at Annapolis High!

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