Get to Know your Contract: Excess Procedures

As AACPS continues to review staffing capacity and programs, check out your contract language below to know your rights regarding involuntary transfers.

Article 12B of our Negotiated Agreement states, “…Unit I members involuntarily transferred shall be notified in advance of the intended transfer and afforded the opportunity to discuss such transfer. Reasons for selection shall be provided, in writing, to the Unit I member by the Building Administrator …Unit I members shall be selected for involuntary transfer (excessed) according to the following selection procedure:

  1. 1.Teacher(s) to be Excessed:
    1. teacher(s) volunteering to be excesses
    2. rehired retired teacher(s)
    3. teacher(s) with provisional certificate
    4. teacher(s) selected by the principal using the following procedure and criteria:

[…] If additional teachers must be involuntarily transferred after steps a., b., and c. have been effectuated, the principal will list all teachers in the excess pool in accordance with their total years of service […] The teacher(s) with the least service will be the excess teacher(s) unless the principal determines that instructional program needs (as defined) require the retention of that teacher, in which case the next least senior teacher will be excessed.”

Additionally, Article 12C states, “If excessed teachers have not received a new assignment by the last duty day for teachers, they will have priority over applicants and teachers requesting voluntary transfers”.

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