From Your Union – Asynchronous Day Update

Aug 24, 2023

We have received many inquiries over the past two weeks regarding the asynchronous virtual day scheduled for tomorrow, August 25th. We reached out to Central Office and were told this was a decision made by the Board of Education and subsequently implemented by Central Office. We asked for a further explanation as to how the decision was made and we received this response:

“After careful deliberation, AACPS academic leadership made the decision to extend this year’s asynchronous workday, only, to school-based classroom teachers and their assistants. This decision was communicated to all of those who were deemed “eligible” in early August. One of the primary reasons for applying this year’s asynchronous workday to teachers and assistants only was due to the “rigidity” of their schedule upon students’ return to school on Monday. Teachers are seldom offered the same flexibility in their schedule as other support and itinerant staff.”

We understand that this is not equitable among all Unit 1 employees, and we will continue to talk to AACPS about our concerns regarding the implementation of a virtual day for only some employees.

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