Join a TAAAC Workgroup

Feb 23, 2023

We have a few opportunities to participate and have your voice heard by participating in a work group! They are:


A joint group between TAAAC and AACPS tasked with addressing and solving problems


Per our FY2022 negotiations, A jointly formed workgroup will study schedules for individual planning time on all levels with a view toward increasing planning time beyond the 210 minute contractual provision. TAAAC shall select a member to serve as its co-chair; and the Board shall select a member to serve as its co-chair. All workgroup reports, research, proposals or recommendations shall be presented to both negotiating teams before FY25 negotiations or October 2023, whichever occurs first. The workgroup’s first meeting shall commence on or before September 30, 2022.

Tuition Reimbursement

Also per the settlement of our last negotiated agreement, this Workgroup will review the program, including credits per year to be reimbursed and the rate

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