Weekly Update: #BePresent

Jan 31, 2023

Last week, we worked with Superintendent Dr. Bedell to call a meeting for members and staff at Lindale and MacArthur Middle to address severe understaffing that is causing increasingly unsafe working conditions. The meetings allowed staff to openly and honestly share concerns, suggest solutions, and feel heard by AACPS leaders. Yesterday, the next step was taken and Dr. Bedell put a call out to our community to ask for involvement in our schools. You can watch the press conference here. 

We collaborated with TAAAC members and leaders in these buildings to advocate for real changes and improvements to the learning conditions of our students. Congratulations to those who stood up and brought attention to your buildings so we can keep working to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone in our schools.

If you are experiencing safety concerns in your building and need support on how to advocate for yourself and your colleagues, reach out!

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