Contentia: Observation & Rating Checklist

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Observations and ratings are a stressful part of your job. If you feel that you have been unfairly targeted during an observation/rating, please use the following checklist to ensure procedures are met, or if procedural errors were made by your administrator. If the answer to any of the following questions is a “no,” please contact your UniServ Director at 410-224-3330.

  • Was the observation conducted with the full knowledge of the individual?
  • Were the two observations at different times of the day?
  • Were varied types of activities seen?

Formal/Scheduled Observation

  • Were you provided five (5) duty days’ notice prior to the formal observation?
  • Was a conference held within five (5) duty days when both parties were on site?
  • Was a written evaluation provided within ten (10) days?
  • Did the written evaluation provide in simple, precise language specific recommendations for improvement where deficiencies existed?


  • Was the rating form provided during the rating conference?
  • Did two different people do observations during the school year?
  • Was the rating received prior to the last day for teachers?
  • Were there at least two classroom observations at least 30 days apart during the rating year?
  • Was at least one of the two observations scheduled/formal?
  • Were the two observations each at least 30 consecutive minutes?


  • Were you rated by your building principal?
  • If you are an itinerant Unit I member, were you rated by your base school principal?
  • If itinerant, did your base school principal receive input from the principals of the other schools you serve?

Remember, Observations and Ratings are only grievable for failure to follow the above procedures. The content of the Observations and Ratings are subject to a 4-205 appeal, a much tougher standard of proof for the Unit I member.

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