TAAAC Coverage Compensation Explainer

Nov 09, 2022

As part of the recent contract settlement and a separate negotiation session, TAAAC has two active “side agreements” that provide compensation for members who take on additional work covering for vacancies, absent colleagues, additional caseloads, and other work: the “Substitution Memorandum of Understanding” (Sub MOU) and the “Vacancy Coverage Letter of Agreement” (Vacancy LOA).


The “Sub MOU” describes various forms of additional stipend pay members can receive for covering for absent colleagues or for uncovered vacancies. Typically, this is in the form of hourly or daily payments of $50.

The most common cases of additional compensation are:

  • A classroom teacher teaching an additional class during their planning time on an ad-hoc, case-by-case basis. $50 per class.
  • A SPED or related service provider receiving additional caseload due to an uncovered vacancy. $50 per day.
  • A non-teaching or Central Office based Unit 1 employee is required to teach in the classroom. $50 per day.
  • A cultural arts teacher receives additional students due to a vacancy. $50 per day.
  • An uncovered vacancy causes class sizes to increase for other teachers. $50 per day for each teacher with an increased class size.

Vacancy Coverage Letter

This letter provides compensation for teachers who volunteer to serve as Instructor of Record (IoR) for an additional class due to an uncovered vacancy. Note that this is distinct from ad-hoc, case-by-case substituting during planning time which is covered in the Sub MOU. This Letter is about becoming a long-term IoR for an additional class which includes grading, planning, and parent contact responsibilities. These teachers are entitled to $50 per period for each class, plus an additional $40/hour for three hours each week to account for the extra time spent outside of working hours on grading, planning, and parental contact.

Some important points:

  • This coverage is strictly voluntary; no one can be required to do it.
  • The extra three compensated hours is also PER CLASS; so multiple classes means $120 additional each week for each class on top of the $50 for the classroom time.
  • This Letter applies to coverage that is in-person, virtual, or hybrid through an OWL or other device.
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