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NEW AGREEMENT: MOU for Class Coverage

Sep 28, 2022

Your bargaining team is happy to announce that we reached agreement with AACPS on compensation and structure for hybrid and in-person vacancy coverage!

This was only possible because members like you made your voices heard over the past weeks, making clear that educators need to be fairly compensated for the extra work they do during this time of ongoing vacancies. With your help we brought the Board to the table to negotiate our working conditions, and not simply impose their plans without our agreement.

Here’s the basics and you can read the entire agreement here:

  • Compensation at the rate of $50 per period of coverage whether that coverage is in-person, hybrid, or virtual.
  • Three additional compensated hours per week at the rate of $40 per hour for each section covered. This additional compensation recognizes the additional planning required for these sections as well as grading and parent communication. Note that you receive three additional paid hours per section, so additional sections means three additional compensated hours each week.
  • This coverage is completely voluntary. You can be asked but not required to cover additional sections, and there are no penalties for changing your mind later and stopping.
  • For volunteers who broadcast their classrooms to other sections using “OWLs” (360 degree cameras) or other electronic broadcast, you cannot be evaluated or observed in those sections, and you are not responsible for damage to the equipment unless AACPS demonstrates it was due directly to negligence.
  • The letter is retroactive to the start of the school year, so if you’ve already been covering for a vacancy, you will receive backpay.

In sum, whether you are covering a fifth-period section during your planning time, broadcasting your class with an OWL to other sections without an instructor due to a vacancy, or covering fully virtually, you are protected and compensated under this agreement.


Questions? Email TAAAC Lead Negotiator Mike Magee at [email protected]

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