Want to be involved with TAAAC negotiations this year? Here’s how.

Sep 09, 2022

In Anne Arundel County, Unit 1 employees in AACPS bargain almost every year with our employer. However, our Fiscal Year 2023 contract extends most of the agreements for two years! There are five areas we will be able to reopen for negotiations as early as October 2022, including:

  • Compensation
  • Healthcare
  • Review and evaluate the extension of the class coverage MOU
  • Blueprint requirements through FY24
  • One additional reopener per party

If you want to make your voice heard on what our priorities as a union are for the one additional reopener, or any of the other negotiable items above, take a look at the two opportunities below!

Take the Bargaining Survey

Let your bargaining team know what is most important to you as we return to the table this fall. Every piece of our contract was won through the advocacy of TAAAC members, from our automatic step increase to the number of minutes of individual planning time per week. We can work together to negotiate what we want! Stay tuned for more opportunities throughout the year to get involved, including attending Board of Education meetings, testifying at County Council budget hearings, and writing to the County Executive!

Join the Bargaining Team

Applications are open for our new bargaining team through September 16! The team is made up of 8 members from around the county who may represent a variety of job categories. Keep in mind that this is a significant commitment that requires devotion of time and energy for long periods during the work day, evenings, and weekends.

If you are not selected to be on the bargaining team, there are other opportunities as well! Take a look at the Negotiations Committee here, and stay tuned for more information about starting a “Contract Action Team” in your school to keep members informed and ready to mobilize.

Questions about bargaining next year? Contact Mike Magee at [email protected]

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