We insist that AACPS leadership demonstrate the welfare of students, families and educators are the top priority in their decision making. (11)

Weekly Update

Weekly Update: Impasse

Jun 21, 2022

It’s finally the last week of school! This summer, please take time for yourselves and your families. You have worked hard throughout the school year to support each other and your students attain a new normal. If you are a 12-month member, or working summer school, make sure to reach out if you need support as you continue the work of providing the world-class public schools we all deserve.

We need you to keep an eye on these emails throughout the summer though because our negotiations team is still at the table. Right now, we are signing a temporary agreement to extend our current contract until we reach a tentative agreement, and confirmed the following dates for impasse negotiations:

  • June 28: TAAAC Bargaining team meets with Mediator for pre-mediation
    July 11: AACPS Bargaining team meets with Mediator for pre-mediation
    July 18: Mediation with TAAAC, AACPS, and mediator

We will likely need to cast a virtual ratification vote to confirm our negotiated agreement over the summer, so stay tuned! We’ll follow up on July 19 with updates. Until then, check out the other opportunities below.

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