Resources: Happy Pride Month

Jun 08, 2022

TAAAC members made their second appearance in the Annapolis Pride parade on June 4. It was an incredible day to experience so much love and support for our LGBTQ+ community, and especially our students! It was amazing to see young people expressing themselves and having an environment where they were accepted just as they are– their true selves!

Each day, we as educators strive to create safe spaces for our students to grow, learn, and express themselves. And we truly understand the meaning of ALL. We must continue to show our LGBTQ+ students we are there for them. You can do this by wearing an “I’m Here” badge.

TAAAC is proud to partner with the NEA LGBTQ+ Caucus to offer an “I’m Here” badge you can wear or display to communicate to your students that you are a safe person to talk to about LGBTQ+ issues. Please use the Google form linked here to request yours. Please only request and wear this badge if you are truly a safe person for our LGBTQ+ youth.

For other resources in your classrooms, check out these guides from GLSEN that are intended to support safe schools and transgender students.

TAAAC also created a foldable resource that you can print and share. You can find that here.

Did you know that there is an MSEA LGBTQ+ Caucus?

As a TAAAC & MSEA member, you can join this caucus (currently with no dues) to network with other LGBTQ+ Members and Allies. Use this form to join the Caucus. They meet on the second Thursday of the month virtually with one more meeting of the year on Thursday, June 9.

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