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To ensure equitable implementation, the educators urge the AACPS Board of Education to close the loopholes within the Blueprint, to provide and maintain adequate recognition of our contributions to our education system.

#KnowtheRole: TAAAC Members call for Blueprint expansion

Apr 05, 2022


Educators take time out of their personal lives, and money from their personal savings, to invest in professional development such as National Board Certifications. But in the eyes of the state and our county, they are left out of the Blueprint. TAAAC members believe this is due to a lack of true understanding of the role these educators play in the every day lives of our students.

School Counselor

From teaching regular, direct classroom lessons (including mandated lessons on Erin’s Law and Start Talking Maryland) on academic, personal/social, and academic/career topics, to working 80% of our time to provide direct service to our students, School Counselors play a critical role in students’ wellbeing and development at school. They are essential educators and first responders for our students, addressing both curriculum and crisis, and should be respected and paid as such.

Literacy Teacher

As required by the Ready to Read Act, Literacy Teachers are tasked with conducting screenings of students in grades K-2 three times a year using DIBELS to ensure the Ready to Read Act is being carried out. In accordance with the requirements of Senate Bill 0734 and the AACPS Assessment Manuel, they also place students in Tier 1 programs, or after monitoring and proving an implementation plan, place them in Tier 2. Literacy Teachers are often called to pull intervention groups to support students who would otherwise go without, providing direct engagement on a daily basis. They are first to fill roles as intervention specialists, counselors, and administrators, and should be respected and paid as such.

Pupil Personnel Worker

The AACPS website lists Pupil Personnel Workers as "part school counselor, part social worker". Primary interaction with students on a daily basis is essential for PPWs to complete their work, and for our students to have the most productive learning environment they can. They support students during periods of homelessness, personal hardship, and through other issues impacting their education and should be respected and paid as such.

School Social Workers

School social workers focus on addressing students' mental health and classroom behavior by providing counseling, crisis intervention, and consultation with teachers. They provide direct resources to students and parents, and help connect families to resources.

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