March Update: Welcome New Members!

Mar 04, 2022

Welcome to all the new members who joined our union over the last month! As we move forward in the Blueprint era, we have many challenges and opportunities ahead. But throughout the last year of negotiations, during a global pandemic, TAAAC leaders and members found or created time to make sure your voices were heard on backsteps, safety, and workload. You are the true heroes that opened the way for these agreements. Congratulations on taking this step!

  • Matthew Bugenhagen
  • Lauren R. Compton
  • Kyle E. Curran
  • Michael Dombroski
  • Brent Fox
  • Steven J. Heffernan
  • Deana C. Jones
  • Danielle Kellner
  • Christina Kellogg
  • Courtney Kendler-Gelety
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