Signed Agreement: Class Coverage and Retention Bonus

Jan 28, 2022

TAAAC and the Board of Education reached an agreement this week including pay for class coverage and a “retention bonus” for Unit 1 employees. TAAAC President Russell Leone released the following statement:

“Educators have worked tirelessly to cover classes or groups of students for their peers who were absent due to shortages of substitute teachers. Both staff shortages and educator absences have increased over the last two years, causing educators to lose critical planning time, increase duties and responsibilities, and more. This agreement is a first step toward moderating and compensating for increases to our workload.

The MOU includes the following:

  • Pay for Unit 1 employees who cover a class during their workday/ planning period, or receive additional students divided from their original class due to a vacancy.
  • A $1,000 retention bonus (prorated for full time equivalency).

TAAAC members made their voices heard and ensured educators receive the respect and dignity of fair pay for their work. Our Bargaining Team has worked for months to reach this agreement and looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Board of Education on increased supports for our staff. Retaining high-quality educators will provide the best schools possible for our students.

As we approach implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, which will prioritize the world-class public education our students deserve, we hope to come together as a community. We have the opportunity now to receive input from across the county and create a transparent environment moving forward.”


To review the full Memorandum of Understanding, click here.

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