November 17, 2021 BOE Testimony

Nov 14, 2021

The Board of Education is hosting its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 17. Superintendent Dr. Arlotto will be presenting his plan for 3 early dismissal days this semester. We’re asking members to attend the meeting, or submit written testimony in response.

Use the template below for ideas for submitting your testimony:

Dear Board members:

My name is FULL NAME. I am a JOB TITLE at WORKSITE. Each week, I work NUMBER OF HOURS beyond my contractual duty week in order to support my students, their families, and our school system. I am TAAAC, and I make #AACPSAwesome.

While I am grateful that the health and well-being of educators is being accounted for in the new proposal by Superintendent Arlotto, it is unacceptable that the BOE continues to insist on Impasse where they look to increase demands on educator work time. Yes, it is a positive sign that our voices are finally being heard in a real way, and I am writing in support of the proposal, but what is recommended is insufficient and late.

Educators across Anne Arundel County will continue taking our own steps in the two weeks leading to the Thanksgiving break to enforce our contract, focusing our off-duty evening hours
on our families. As we have been advocating for months, there are creative solutions to support AACPS educators that are imperative to successful and healthy school environments. One example would be to follow the lead of other counties throughout Maryland and offer stipends when educators must take on work and activities outside their workday obligations.

Dr. Arlotto’s recommendation for three early release days to provide educators with time to focus on individual wellness is a start toward addressing the immense workload educators have
faced this year.

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