November update: Welcome all new members!

Nov 10, 2021

TAAAC includes all our diverse perspectives and voices. Our best hope to win strong contracts rests with educators working together to insist on fair compensation, work schedules that are balanced, and sufficient time to focus on both work and self-care.

Welcome to all the new members who have joined this past month! Get to know your colleagues:

  • Arlene Baez
  • Davitta Baker
  • Jenna L. Benson
  • Anthony Beres
  • Tayler Bordes
  • Lesley Brown
  • Samantha N. Buxenstein
  • Sara Forster
  • Ian   Fyock
  • Amanda Garner
  • Grace Griffin
  • Charles Heward
  • Loretta Huymaier
  • Alysia Johnston
  • June Jones
  • Madeline Koch
  • Kristopher Korb
  • Amanda Lusk
  • Christine Marquez
  • Allison Mcmahon
  • Falon Mcneeley
  • Aaron Parks
  • Lasandra M. Purnell
  • Johana  Rodriguez-Soto
  • Holly Shaffer
  • Joseph T. Smith
  • Klaira Strickland
  • Lawrence Suh
  • Barbara Taylor
  • Henry D. Toman
  • Nucci O. Tucci
  • Kara Vause
  • Alison L. Weinberg
  • Gillian L. Wenzel
  • Kristin White
  • Donna   Widmaier
  • Trekker Williams
  • Parker E. Wolfe

Know an educator in your building who hasn’t joined TAAAC? Enrollment is open year round! Ask your Building Rep for the membership application.

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