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Enough is Enough

Nov 01, 2021

While educators were at home on an unannounced day of working for free on the backlog of work AACPS has asked of them, the Superintendent and Board President felt the need to spend this time by using the emergency alert system to distribute a press release and demonize educators.

TAAAC believes this kind of behavior speaks for itself about AACPS’ attitude toward its own employees. It’s a shame that attacks were more important than fixing the real problems in our school system.

With over 1,400 members signing on to our class action grievance, President Leone clearly is sharing important frustrations with how AACPS is managing. It would do us well to hear and listen to their voices.

For our students, families, for the broader Anne Arundel community, and for us — public school educators — we make the following demands:

  1. Stop the wage discrimination: Settle the FY 22 contract with TAAAC now.
  2. Negotiate with TAAAC: End unilaterally changing the terms and conditions of employment, especially around workload and safety, without negotiating now.
  3. Alleviate out-of-control workloads: Eliminate requirements to maintain an LMS, and preserve individual planning time now.
  4. Support mental health: Implement counseling and other resources for students, employees, and families now.
  5. Ensure open collaboration with the community: Publicly explain past and ongoing usage of ARP (ESSERS I-III) and Blueprint funds to allow for feedback from the community.

AACPS’ response to these demands was met promptly with widespread rebuke from employees and the public. Take a look here.

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